Human Resources

Establishing the necessary infrastructure and paving the ground for the recruitment and development of efficient and expert personnel in the petrochemical industry in order to operate at a world-class level

Planning and developing the human resources to turn it into a knowledge-based and innovative organization

Mission Statement of the Human Resources Department of Iran’s Petrochemical Industry

Establishing and institutionalizing management systems, especially knowledge management, in order to use the expertise of experts, and documenting and disseminating the acquired knowledge and skills

Providing a comprehensive image of the quantitative and qualitative supply and demand of the labor force required by the petrochemical industry and offering solutions to reduce the existing gaps and amend the labor market of the human resources in the petrochemical industry

Supporting the formation and improvement of evaluation centers in order to create a system for identifying, attracting and promoting the work force as well as a system for promotions and substitution of petrochemical industry managers

Studying the international labor market, particularly that of close rivals, in order to identify capable foreign workforces and introduce them to petrochemical companies

Developing human resources plans, policies and solutions in order to meet the environmental requirements and needs of the country's petrochemical industry

Studying the knowledge gap, skills and attitudes of the petrochemical industry workforce in comparison with its rivals in order to allocate resources to the workforce education and research programs

Designing, completing and deploying the observatory and the comprehensive human resources bank of the petrochemical industry in order to provide an active and up-to-date access to all forces in public and non-governmental sectors at all times

Conducting studies with the aim of improving or formulating human resources standards required by the industry in different sectors in the form of national and local programs in accordance with the type of services and the environment in which they are offered

Outlook of Human Resources of Petrochemical Industry:

The human resources department of Iran’s petrochemical industry works towards obtaining excellent human capital, becoming a leading figure in Islamic ethics, and acquiring advanced knowledge and technology to work at a world-class level. It also strives towards acting as a model for social accountability and stakeholder satisfaction, enjoying a prominent role in the added value of petrochemical products and services, as well as developing a reputation both inside the country and at an international level.