Petrochemical Special Economic Zone

Petrochemical Special Economic Zone

Covering an area of approximately 2600 hectares, the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone is located on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf in the southwestern Iranian city of Bandar-e-Emam in Mahshahr County.

Given its geographical location and the legal privileges granted to special zones, this region was created to develop the petrochemical industry and trade, especially in up- and downstream petrochemical sectors by promoting economic, social and national interests, attracting new technologies and increasing employment levels.

The area has access to free international waters through the port of Imam Khomeini and Musa Bay. It’s also connected to Turkey, Europe and Central Asia via the national railway grid.

As part of Iran’s Khuzestan province, the zone has acted as a strategic and influential base in the country’s oil and gas fields. Access to oil and gas resources can further facilitate the supply of raw materials and feedstock to industrial units.

The Zone is managed by the Petrochemical Special EconomicZone Organization, which is a subsidiary of the National Petrochemical Company. The organization began its work in 1997, following a decree issued by the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones and Special Economic Zones.Since then, the organization has been involved in efforts aimed at attracting national and international investors.


The Objectives of the Establishment of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone:


- Supporting economic activities in the region and developing international trade relations
- Encouraging foreign and local investors to contribute to production,and create a dynamic industrial, economic and trade atmosphere in the region
- Enhancing the economy of the Khuzestan Province and exploiting its potential capacities

- Providing a suitable platform for participation in global markets, production and processing of goods, and increasing non-oil exports, re-exports, transit and transshipment
- Attracting foreign and local investors
- Absorbing state-of-the-art technologies through industrial and scientific cooperation with international companies
- Supporting domestic industries and creating facilities for them
- Taking practical steps towards creating productive employment and reducing unemployment rates in Khuzestan Province