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Investment Form

In The Name of God
Oil Ministry
National Petrochemical Company
Planning and Development Management
Investment Center
Investment committee
Pre-qualification Submission Form
For Petrochemical Investors

Applicant’s General Data and Records Form

Proposed Project (s):


1. Company Name
2. Headquarters Address
3. Phone
4. Fax
5. E-mail (Company &Directors)
6. Web page Address
7. Name of Representative in Iran
8. Address in Iran
9. Phone in Iran
10. Fax in Iran
11. Consortium Information
Participating Companies Share:

12. Participants or shareholders with more than 10% share in company

13. Investment method and project financing (Buyback, Finance, EPCF, BOT, BOO, BO,…) :

14. Estimated investment value / project financing:
15. Suggested dates for negotiation :

Information and documents that the company should deliver:

16. Company’s Statute:   
17. Financial statements (balance sheets and income statement) for two recent years:   
18. Company experience in respected projects during two recent years:   
19. Approval of bank/reliable financial institution indicating the financial potency (for respected project (s))   

No. 144, North Sheikh Bahaei Ave., Molasadra Ave. Tehran, Iran
Tel: 0098-21-88520134
Fax: 0098-21-88520135
Investment Center
Planning and Development Management
National Petrochemical Company


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