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About Us


About Us

Investment Directorate, as one of the main National Petrochemical Company Directorates, is highly structured with macro objectives in investment, partnership and finance of developing projects.

In this respect, identifying, developing and introducing investment opportunities and trusting projects to reliable, authorized investors and facilitating investment in the shortest possible time are among the main objectives of this Directorate. Steering internal and external strategic partnerships through technical and economic evaluation of investors, supporting various processes to absorb investment, supporting current investment funds and creating new investment funds with respect to the targets of the National Petrochemical Company's objectives are among other tasks of the Investment Directorate. Cooperating with other Directorates of the National Petrochemical Company, Investment Directorate is to develop its list of authorized investors. Using its legal mandate and also is to provide an appropriate environment for domestic and foreign investors in Iran's petrochemical industry.


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